Five things to know before you FaceApp your face

Five things you should know before you put your face on.
Is the facial aging application just a good viral sun, or is it sending your photo to the Russian government? The face application uses artificial intelligence to make pictures of people look older or younger at the top of the graphics. Privacy advocates start issuing warnings. I looked under the hood of the application and contacted a CEO. Here are five things. You should know that part very well in the App Store: the number one privacy policy for applications. What beta take face? Applications that upload your photos and process them in the cloud. The application has access to all the roll loads of the camera, the image you selected. They say that it does not have the name or the email number of how long they retain their data. The terms of service of the Grant applications, whatever you upload, the photos of your servers after 48 hours, I'm not sure what the majority means: good, number 3. What are you doing with your data that the sperm give you the right to do what? Through its irrevocable, non-exclusive and non-copyrighted, transferable and licensed license from Felipe throughout the world, we obtain that it exists only for free anywhere and forever. The general manager tells me that they do not use the maps of our faces for facial identification or other purposes unrelated to the main creative purpose of application number 4. Who has access to our database CEO? No, the Russian government does not have access to your photos unless you already live in Russia. These data are never transferred to your number 5. How can you delete your data? Not only by removing the application from your phone, delete the facial application that is stored in the cloud. You can ask the base application to erase what they have stored, but for now it's a complicated process. You have researched through the configuration, the menu and an error with the word privacy in the matter, either for faceapp or any application. These are five questions. You should ask about any service you are in, to trust something as valuable as your face.