Dangerous heat wave blankets the country

Dangerous heat wave covers the country.
We have a summer scorcher out there on alert at 30 Tuesdays right now, and it's not just the heat. The humidity makes it to be there in Chicago, where it will feel like a hundred degrees. One day. One hundred sixteen for tomorrow, Alex the hardest morning, the Metra trains that run on these lines will move, it's slower because they expand. Creating problems is going to be a difficult day for a large part of the country. This morning the heat is on. He suffers what could be the most dangerous heat wave in years, as temperatures rose to three digits, which caused roads to open and Kansas to be hospitalized. Mission of seven children and heat exhaustion at a summer camp in some northeastern areas that prepare for attempts to feel almost as hot as the Valley of Death. Here in Chicago, in 1995, a heat wave killed more than 700 people. Now, emergency rooms are preparing for an influx of heat-related emergencies, the ice cube for about 10 to 15 minutes to reach body temperature as fast as possible, repair it with a direct sun even with the excessive heat The authority says you should limit the time you have outside, but you can still be a victim of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, the important thing is to make sure you stay away from the Heat and some cool place, Robin. Keep Alex in mind. Thank you. That is going to change the weather and for this hot morning, Ginger and seven years, I think we will be very close on Saturday. It's been six years since I was 98 ° and I think we're going to do that. So some of the hottest of the 111s. Sorry in Des Moines this afternoon, Kansas City 114. We surrounded the core of the heat that slides east this morning. Chicago gets it Detroit Louisville, of course, Paducah is going to be included. Look at this because it's the Easter weekend, I'm tracking the heat because on Saturdays, when it settles in some, it does not stop long, we're still going to see temperatures between the mid and late nineties here in the Northeast or I'll feel like a lot more than 100. Finally, we take a break early next week and then we get colder and drier. But thank God, for that occasion, ABC News. Youtube channel, more videos, highlights and see coverage of live events, click to the right here to subscribe to our Channel and do not forget to download the ABC, except the breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
Millions of people across the US UU They are prepared to withstand what could be the most dangerous heat wave in years, with temperatures rising to three digits.