U.S. women's soccer team celebrates World Cup victory at parade

The co-captain of the National Team of Women of the United States, Megan Rapinoe, gave an exciting speech at City Hall in front of thousands of fans. Rapinoe was the MVP of the tournament and received the Golden Boot for the most goals scored in the World Cup.

"This is crazy, this is absolutely crazy, it's a waste of words, it's ridiculous, first of all, my teammates just yell at teammates, everybody gives them a slap," he said. "This group is so tough, so hard, has a great sense of humor, it's so bad, there's nothing, nothing that can disturb this group."

While the crowd roared and cheered, Rapinoe spoke about the diversity of the 2019 World Cup champions.

"We have pink hair, purple hair, tattoos, dreadlocks," he said. "We have white girls, black girls and everything else, heterosexual girls, gay girls."