Elizabeth Warren, Rising in Polls, Gets Center Stage at Debate

Elizabeth Warren will be the only one of the leading Democratic candidates polled in the debate on Wednesday night, and will give her the opportunity to show her mastery of the details of the policies without her main competitors being available for rebuttal.

The liberal brand of fire in Massachusetts has steadily increased in the polls in the last two months and is attracting crowds in the campaign by using a broad portfolio of proposals on a number of issues to be marked as a candidate with a plan.

Warren has focused on reclaiming the mantle of leader of the progressive faction of Bernie Sanders's party and contrasting his plans for far-reaching changes in the way the government operates with the more incrementalist approach of favorite Joe Biden, whom he has qualified as "small ideas".

Sanders and Biden and their other two main rivals, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg will debate the following night. That gives Warren the opportunity to stay out of the debate with nine other candidates who share the debate stage with her in Miami, all of whom have been getting 3% or less in several recent polls.

"She has worked systematically at the polls," said Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic consultancy based in Boston. "She has beaten Sanders at this point, she has Biden in her sights."