Trump says he stopped airstrike on Iran in latest escalation of tensions

(Bloomberg) - President Donald Trump said he suspended retaliatory attacks at three Iranian sites following the shooting down of a United States Navy drone because the action would not have been "proportionate."

"We were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night in 3 different places when I asked how many will die." 150 people, sir, was the response of a general, "Trump wrote on Twitter on Twitter." 10 minutes before the strike I stopped him. "

A commander in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps told a semi-official news agency on Friday that the unmanned aircraft had been accompanied by a manned US spy plane that Iranian forces had decided not to attack.

The planned US attack, ordered after Iranian forces shot down the plane without a pilot over the Strait of Hormuz, would have involved air strikes and was close to being carried out when he was arrested, said an administration official, who declined discuss if the plan could be revived The official was granted anonymity to discuss a national security issue.